Tax Structure

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Tax rates are established each year by three separate taxing authorities: Wrightstown Township, Bucks County and the Council Rock School District. The Township and county taxes are billed in March and the school district taxes are billed in July. In both instances, the discount amount is payable up to two months after receipt of the tax bill; the gross amount up to four months later, and any amount outstanding beyond four months carries a penalty.

2014 Tax Rate Resolution 2013-20

The Earned Income Tax (EIT) is assessed on the gross earned income which includes all wages, salaries and commissions. Earned Income Taxes are due quarterly at the end of April, July and October. The fourth quarter payment must be made with your final local income tax return on April 15. One half of the Earned Income Tax goes to Wrightstown Township and the other half goes to the Council Rock School District.

An Occupation Tax is also assessed against every wage earner by the Council Rock School District. The assessed valuation for your particular job determines the amount of tax you pay.

The assessed valuation of your property determines the amount of real estate tax you pay. One mill generates $1 per $1000 of assessed valuation. Therefore 13.0 mills of Township tax produces $13 per $1000. As an example, if your home is assessed at $10000, you pay into the Township treasurey $130 for general fund and fire tax purposes. In return, you receive the following services: police protection, road maintenance (including snow and ice removal), street lighting at various intersections, enforcement of Township codes and regulations, as well as fire protection.

While members of the Township boards and commissions are volunteers, their activities are funded to a limited degree by the Township. In most cases, any functions sponsored by these Township groups are required to be self-sustaining.