Permits are required by the Township for new construction, additions and structural alterations, pools, accessory structures such as sheds and fences, signs, temporary uses and structures, driveways, removal or addition of soil, wood and coal-burning stoves, fireplaces, use and occupancy permits for residential and commercial structures, and alarm systems, along with some less common uses.

Applications for permits as well as questions concerning the need for a permit, should be made to the Wrightstown Township Code Enforcement Officer at 215-598-3313, extension 104.

The cost of a permit is nominal and it could avoid significant costs that may be incurred if ordinances are ignored. In addition, penalty provisions apply to all construction which proceeds without proper permit(s) and inspections. We urge everyone to comply with zoning and building codes for the welfare of the entire community.

Please call the Township if you have any questions concerning your zoning designation, building setbacks, or for information on what may or may not require a permit.

Below are permit forms for residents to download and bring to the township office. These forms are Adobe PDF documents. To view these forms you will need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free from:

Permit Forms and Fee Schedules
Zoning Hearing Board Application / Technical Hearding Board Application
Use Permit Application
Application For Subdivision and/or Land Development
Sign Permit Application
Subdivision & Land Development Submission Checklist
Grading and Storm Drainage Permit Application
Septic Maintenance Form
Deed Registration Form
Right To Know Form
Use and Occupancy Permit Application Resale/New Tenant(s)
Application for Conditional Use Permit
Basic Permit Application
Wrightstown Township Fee Schedule